So What?

May 05
Oct 06


  • Taemin: Hyung, do you believe in ghosts?
  • Onew: No, there's no such thing.
  • Taemin: But our maid said there was...
  • Onew: Pack your bags.
  • Taemin: Why?
  • Onew: WE HAVE NO MAID!
Oct 06
Oct 06


When Tumblr comes back after maintenance, they will be charging $2 a day for using Tumblr, unless you reblog this in which case they will absolve you from payment cos they’re nice like that, those that do not reblog this will be eaten by shark, don’t believe me, ok, but this one girl didn’t reblog this and she woke up her family dead, even though this is the first time it’s ever been posted, stop Kony.

Aug 25



So I had a kpop giveaway running since 2 weeks ago and was scheduled to end tomorrow.  However, in the past few days I’ve noticed that tumblr has been eating the notes, only displaying the most recent 100 notes.  So, if I drew the winners from these 100 notes, it’d be incredibly unfair to the 400+ previous notes that were eaten by tumblr.

My solution is to redo the giveaway, with some minor changes in how to enter.

I’m going to be giving away the following to 1 lucky winner (US and international):

6 large (11”x17”) kpop prints: TTS - Twinkle, Big Bang - Fantastic Baby, B2ST - Fiction, SHINEE - Sherlock, EXO - WE ARE ONE, and You’re Beautiful.

and 5 button sets: Super Junior, F(X), DB5K/TVXQ, Brown Eyed Girls, and 2NE1


  • Enter your tumblr username into this google document form: CLICK HERE! (This is absolutely required as this will be the pool of names I’ll be drawing the winner from and please only do it once.  If I see duplicate names, I will disqualify you)
  • Reblog this post once from now until August 27th, 12PM PST to spread the word.  I will be checking reblogs when I choose the winner!
  • Have your ask box enabled so I can send you a message if you are the winner!
  • If the winners do not respond within 24 hours, I will choose new winners from the original set of entries.

That’s it for the giveaway and good luck! 

Some disclaimers because tumblr says I have to do that now: This giveaway isn’t associated with Tumblr in any way and the information that the winner will give me is only to me and not to Tumblr.

Aug 24
Aug 24
SHINee Dazzling Girl Teaser Photoset / Taemin - Key - Minho - Onew - Jonghyun
Aug 18

“We have this at our house”

Aug 17
  • Bias: *pulls me on stage*
  • Bias: What's your name?
  • Me: My wife.
  • Bias: Everyone! I would like you to meet My wife!
  • Me:
  • Bias:
  • His members:
  • Audience:
  • Cameraman:
  • His Manager:
  • PSC:
  • Japan:
  • Narnia:
  • Obama:
  • Jackie Chan:
  • My Parents: *facepalm*
  • My best friend: /to the person next to her/ I told her to say that.
Aug 17

1/50 memorable OTP moments
     ↳ Jonghyun/Minho - “Looks like a father hugging his son.”